Saturday, March 10, 2012

My First Movie Nite Out!

Anas is 2, Mommy decided that he's kinda old enough to be brought out for a movie nite....yippee!!

Mommy planned out the whole outing (as usual la!). So, Anas first movie at the cinema is SeeFood @ MBO Cineplex, Subang Parade, 10th March 2012, 8:45pm....heeee. Mommy chose SeeFood because its a Malaysian produced cartoon that is shown internationally to 90 countries (if im not mistaken....sorry in advance if its wrong info). N MBO Cineplex @ Subang Parade is the nearest n most convenient to us, so obviously we chose to go there.

Sebagai persediaan awal, Mommy prepared all these for Anas :
1) Sweater
2) Blanket
3) Socks
4) Diapers n baby wipes
5) Susu kotak
6) Air kosong

fuhhh................mcm nk gi mana jer. penuh bag mak dgn brg2 bdk kecik tuh.over sgt...padahal nk gi tgk muvi setakat 2-3 jam je kot...huhu...biasala, first time...mak nyer yg over excited..heh...anyway, all these things for me r kinda essential al-maklumla dlm cinema kan kinda cold.

MBO @ SP....

Anas & Daddy......:)

I'm ready for my first movie Mommy :)

Throughout the 1st  hour of the movie, Anas khusyuk betul tgk muvie sambil makan popcorn....kinda fascinate kot first time masuk wayang...hihi. But, being Anas....after that mula la jalankan projek. Kejap nak kluar la, kejap nk duduk kat tangga la, kejap usha lampu tempat duduk la....macam2. But we managed to finish the whole movie successfully. Bravo Anas!!:) Next time, kalau ada movie best....we can do another round k darling!mmmuahhss...........

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