Sunday, February 5, 2012

Anas is Two!!

My lil' prince Anas turned two on last 25th Jan. Last time when he turned one, we had a big party at McD. But this year, Mommy decided to do a low key one. A mini birthday party for him! Well, actually it was a reunion wif my BFF at UMWT cum mini birthday party la. The concept was potluck sbb mak x larat nk masak byk2, boleh? Hihi....The reunion was supposed to be all mommies outing, but i proposed to them to come over my hse, bring their kids n potluck. So, that's where Anas's mini birthday party idea came about as our kids are more or less d same boleh kira buat play group jugak la kan.

So now, lets layan d pics (since im a lazy blogger to edit d pics at Photoscape, kite tgk pics satu2 la ye....heee)

Start of d usual got drama here n there, rebut toys la, etc....d usual...huhu

More kids playing.....sebagai tuan umah kita harus pasrah keadaan umah kita apabila aktiviti bermain dijalankan ye puan2....keadaan akan menjadi seperti dilanggar torpedo seketika...huhu...

Daddy entertaining Anas while Mommy berperang di dapur........

Anas bufday party goodie bag.... i ordered d yummy customise choc oreo and choc bar at Sue Florist....u can find her at FB :)

D bufday boy in party hat :) Muka agak sirius di situ....stress bdk lain main toys die kot...hehe

Cutie hyfa & myra....Mama die nk ambil gambar dr belakang ker?

Eisya yg bam-bam....geram Aunty tgk....

Ni bufday cake utk celebrate at Nursery...cute jer Pikachu tu kan?

Ni rainbow cake on d party day fr ThatLastSlice.....yummylicious!!

Blow d candles Anas!!:)

Bufday boy cutting d cake....dh besar anak bujang Mommy ni :)

The bufday cake up close...really fluffy,if  less sweeter it will b perfecto!
(Angry bird Tok Ma kasi)...hihi

The Mommies Club....Me, Dee, Ija n Yanil
(kenapa me dh pakai black pun still nmpk debok.....why?why?why?).....seriously need to diet....demm...

Anas wif his pressie....posing wif d new ride :)

For d bufday party we had nasi putih, mix vege, omelette n sambal belacan (by me), chicken curry, nuggets n mini hot dogs (by yanil), roast chicken (by dee), lotsa fruits n drinks (by ija)...n dessert was fruit cocktail (by me) n of coz d yummy bufday cake. Didnt get d chance to snap d foodies....pffttt.

Anyway, it was a fun n happy gathering...syukur, Alhamdulillah. To my dear Anas, Mommy doakan Anas membesar menjadi anak yg baik, soleh n beriman. Mommy loves u too much even though Mommy selalu jerit2 kt Anas....(tu namanya marah2 sayang)....You're my heart n soul, son ....n i love u to bits! Happy 2nd Birthday:)....mmmuaaahhhh