Monday, October 3, 2011

His Favourite :)

At 1yr and 9mths, Anas weight is less than 10kg :(..........He's so underweight, kalau mommy nyer yg underweight kan bagus...huhu. Anyhow, as long as he doesnt show any sign of major sickness or abnormal not so worried. Bcoz ive consulted sooo many paedi and mostly said the kid's weight is not the only measurement tools for ur child's health long as die sihat n ceria...mommy shouldnt be worry too much. Kalau debok n obese pun susah hati gak kan....Anas ni halus tapi tulang berat...i guess so much like me:)

Anyway, i still bf him....Alhamdulillah, tak sangka dpt go through this far. Syukur sgt2. Hopefully every titik counts as pahala. Ameen....Anyhow, i dont pump at office anymore and that means i dont keep stock. So kat bbsitter Anas minum susu bancuh. Ive tried so many brands n bbsitter kata Anas minum semua so i dunno which brand Anas prefer. But recently, promote Dumex Dugro Bijirin Halus for 1-3yrs....i pun belila and for the first bile bancuh Anas minum habis kat umah!! Yes, finally found d right susu with grains summore for full tummy. Bile perut kenyang, xdela nk menyendeng jer dgn Mommy kan....:)

PS : Feveret snack Anas at d mo'....biskut Tiger cicah dgn susu ni....Mommy rasa pun yummy!heeee....