Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paris In Memory

So, after 3rd day arriving at London, kami bertiga which were me, my bro n biras, Miss Diva Divana Emi made a one day trip to Paris. So excited! Din bring Anas though. Left him wif Tok Ma...hihi...So, off I went to the City of Love without my other half also because Hubby went to US for company trip. But we aim to arrive here, all three of us as a family n maybe wif d new arrival of adik Anas...who knows? Insya-allah...Amin...

Naik Eurostar 2hours trip.....train pukul 9am. Muka sembab sbb kena bgn pkl 6 pagi n create this shawl style in 5mins.......huhu

Us on the hop on hop off bus tour.........cant forget the repeating haunting song played on the bus......La Paghisssss.......haha

My first ever visit to LV @ Champs Elysees......harus menanam keazaman yg tinggi utk visit lagi :)

My awesome lunch.........Pasta wif Salmon (tons of it) n Spinach....sedapnyer Subhanallah...

Highlight of the trip.....the mesmerizing Eiffel Tower :)

D Louvre.......would love to see it glow in night time...tapi tak sempat

Notre Dame....lotsa couple done their wedding ceremony here

Avenue des Champs Elysees.....look at the architecture....amazing!

By dis time I already know Sortie means Exit :)

Cant believe we made the trip on our own....what wif the language barrier and all, but we survived n had so much fun! Syukur Alhamdulillah throughout the trip we met nice Paris people n not the opposite. Sampai London pukul 11mlm, Ultraman pun dh tido sambil pegang tangan Tok Ma...hihi. Overall it was a successful n memorable trip. The only regret was tak sempat rembat Longchamp.....huhu. Nway, would loveeee to come here again wif Mr Hubby next time yah....insya Allah:)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Surprise Escapade

Asyik cerita pasal cuti2 je kan lately ni.....skang ni tgh cuti gak...tapi cuti kat hospital....haaa....amekkaw....huhu....dh nasib badan. But still thank the Al-Mighty for this small ujian compared to saudara Islam kita di Palestin tu...:( I am diagnose with hand,foot,mouth disease....n dis is confirm after i met 4 docs n specialist. How ironic is dat? The foot n hand are still bearable but the mouth was the worst. Imagine having ulcers n lotsa it all over ur mouth n tonsil. Terpaksa mak diet....tapi x kurus pun....cettt...time2 sakit ni la dok ingat segala mcm makanan. Dok sibuk google ikan bakar la, beef rendang la, dim sum la....huuuu...dh siap beli mcm2 Groupon dgn planning nk pi mkn lepas sembuh nnt....hiii...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Awesome London :)

So, last month we had a family vacay to UK (it ryhmes doesn't it?);p from 30/4-11/5 to be exact. It was d 3rd oversea vacay for Anas after Singapore n Bali. By dis time, Mommy is a pro already to handle him in d long distance flight. We all naik Qatar Airways by the way. Sufficient entertainment for toddlers during flight. But being Anas, macam2 drama gak....mak layankan ajer....huhu

It was suppose to be Spring in d UK but the weather was kinda cold ranging from 12-17 degrees. The coldest when we were at Portsmouth, it was 8degrees. Nasib baik bdk kecik ni Mommy dh preparekan long john n lotsa jacket. The most important n bestest thing was we x sakit throughout the hols. So syukur for that....TQ Allah!:)

Enjoy d pics (lots of it) :)

In d flight....QA offers good price to UK with transit at Doha

 Alhamdulillah dh sampai....Ultraman with Tok Ma n Acu

After touchdown, rest jap....then terus jalan2 to high street n pick up Adam my nephew from skool. Amboi, Tok Ma....rindu sgt kat Adam ler tu...;p

Then we went to Adam's old kindi.....Anas had a blast playing there....the playground was like in Teletubbies land...seriously....hihi..

Next day when to Oxford Street...jln2 then met this Penangite who done biz selling London souvenirs...dh 10thn bukak kedai kt sini...gud price we got here...hihi

Sesi menghabiskan duit kt Oxford St....huhu, but seriously high street brands are a lot cheaper dpt VAT lg.......u save a lot!bile blk msia rs mcm membazir plak beli high street brand coz terasa mahal..........

Our primary transport....the tube!Anas suke naik ni...i wish msia hv this kinda efficient transportation....(mimpi!)

@ beautiful lush green Hyde Park....super love dis picca!:)

Buckingham Palace............went here to see changing guard...Queen E pun ada tapi x sempat snap pics coz bz jaga Anas..haihh...

@ Trafalgar Square.........d red bus is a good background for taking pics kan?:)

Anak bujangku yg gedik nk flirt dgn awek mat salleh....aduhhh

Ni la Big Ben....y d name Ben? i oso dunno....x kaji history die pun lagi..;p

London bridge is falling down?? it still doesnt...wonder wat will happen if its really falling down....huhu

The massive London Eye...mahal gils nk naik benda alah ni...

Had a nice lunch at Cafe Concertto @ High Kensington. The owner is Arabian n d food is halal

Playing at the neighbourhood playground nearby my sis's house....Mommy n Anas both had fun!:)

@ Willow's tempat ni for kids n parents alike. They have all these farm animals n adventure rides. Animal kt pic ni nama Groovie...sgt manje..:)

This is a must visit place...Harrods offers one of the highest VAT...i loike!:)

Budak mengada ni....anywhere oso want...bile nk wean off pun Mommy dh give up...tgk tu kt tangan pegang lollipop lagi........haishh

Anas's ultimate heaven...M&M's World...die yg perabih sume coklat!

Posing in front of my sis house @ Haughmond, Woodside Grange

Overall it was an awesome trip....kalau dipanjangkan usia nk buat return trip round Europe sekali with Daddy coz dis time Daddy x ikut sbb gi US.

`Til next post....will be on Portsmouth n Paris :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bali Bagus!!

Salam all........:)
This humble tenggelam timbul blog of mine really need a 'lil update after so long of excuse me as my spare time in my 24hrs is spend looking after my Ultraman Kenit ;p

So, last April`12, me n my fam went for a short vacay to Bali, Indonesia. We were so excited n it was the 2nd trip for Anas via flight. Lots of drama during pre n post flight but we managed to pull it off...........hai Anas, Mommy wish i can make a video of all ur dramas for you to see when ur grow up, so u can see how 'panjang akal' u r!

Our tour guide during our stay there was Pak Isme along with his colleagues. Semua bagus2 dan baik2 bangat! I loike....sabar melayan we all yg over excited sight seeing Bali....huhu. We stayed at Royal Bali Beach Club @ Sanur. Nice place n i thought we had the best room bcoz it was seriously right in front of d pool............bliss!:)

Complete wif living hall n kitchenette........terbaekkk!

When we arrived it was already near to dinner time, so Pak Isme straight brought us to nasi padang restaurant called Restaurant Sederhana...:)

Our first meal there...they sort of hidang all sorts of lauk in front of u for u to choose. Their Jus Alpukat is simply yummylicious!! Aduh, lapar plak bile tgk gambar ni...huhu

Since my laptop is not co-operating  so well atm, so i just gonna paste random pictures of places that i went....enjoy!!

Us at batik shop there...Anas berdrama cangkung...huh

Beautiful rice terrace at Jatiluwih n there are shop along d road selling gojass handmade items........i bought d blanket behind us for a really worthy price :)

Mesmerizing Kintamani with Batur volcano n lake....syukur for d beautiful weather

At Alam Bali Kopi Luwak..they make all sorts of coffee here.........udara nyaman sambil minum kopi..........layannnn

@ Tanah Lot........

Beautiful waves n sunset........romantic gitu........

Anas n Tok Ma @ HR Bali

@ d famous Kuta Beach

 Preparing to go Uluwatu Temple wif our supir, Pak Ujang

Cantik bangatttt....

Dinner at Jimbaran..........again good food!!

Mommy n Anas sempat swim b4 balik ;)

Final day at hotel entrance....tata Bali, we will sure meet again, Insya Allah!

Overall Bali is a gorgeous place that one should visit. If u appreciate arts n nature, this place is for you!:)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Places at 1 time??

I can't be at two places at one time rite??
It's either here...


I chose the latter pic bcoz kalau pegi to the first pic, tak boleh bw Anas, si intan payung...huhu. 

But, before that we will be hittin' here....weehoo

Such a contrast of weather within the same month. I hope 'lil Anas can cope with it. Hope all will turn out well....insyaAllah..Ameen...:)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Best Balm

The other day, Anas was having bad cough plus on-off fever......keadaan ni berlarutan nk almost 2 weeks. Im kinda worried takut viral fever ke ape ke...smpi pi SDMC SJ buat blood test just to make sure there was nothing wrong. Alhamdulillah, result showed everything's good. Sepanjang Anas batuk2 tu, everynite I will sapu balm kat dada n belakang n a bit at his nose. This is to promote a better n soothing sleeping for him. I've tried various balm...n i hv a few favorites.

Badger Night-night Balm........Made of Lavender n Sandalwood. This one is kinda mild n has pleasant n soothing smell. But for fever n cough purpose, for me not so effective because its not strong enough. Anyway, this balm is recommended mainly to help promote better sleep bukan utk flu,etc. So, utk guna sapu malam2 on daily basis sesuai la but not for cure anything.

Badger Headache Soother Balm.....Made of Lavender, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Mandarin, Peppermint n contains super concentrated Menthol Crystals. That's the secret n this balm is definitely my fav! In fact, the first tin tak habis lagi i dah restock on 2nd tin. This balm even though the name is for headache but by all means its suitable to be use when ur having flu, headache or when tgh tension or pressure smpi tegang2 urat kat leher tu bolehla sapu balm ni. Its very soothing n kalau nak sapu everynite pun boleh. No harm coz its 100% organic.

Vicks Baby Balsam......I've also tried this....i sapu nitely kat Anas sampai habis jugakla 1 botol. This one is kinda mild tak macam Vicks utk adults tu. The menthol is not so strong. Tapi kalau lepas mandi nak sapu sesuai jugakla. 

21st Century Children's Vapor Balm........definitely my fav!! Thanks to Hana of for recommending this balm to me. This balm is a strawberry medicated ointment which comes with two effects - The Vapor Effect & The Warming Effect. This one the menthol is kind of strong...sesuai sgt nk sapu kat anak yg tgh flu n batuk. Mesti depa tido dgn aman damai, insyaAllah. Bau pun sedap n ada effect vapor n warming yg best tu. Highly recommended to u all mommies out there.

So there u hv reviews of several balms. Hope it is useful yah!:)