Monday, March 12, 2012

Best Balm

The other day, Anas was having bad cough plus on-off fever......keadaan ni berlarutan nk almost 2 weeks. Im kinda worried takut viral fever ke ape ke...smpi pi SDMC SJ buat blood test just to make sure there was nothing wrong. Alhamdulillah, result showed everything's good. Sepanjang Anas batuk2 tu, everynite I will sapu balm kat dada n belakang n a bit at his nose. This is to promote a better n soothing sleeping for him. I've tried various balm...n i hv a few favorites.

Badger Night-night Balm........Made of Lavender n Sandalwood. This one is kinda mild n has pleasant n soothing smell. But for fever n cough purpose, for me not so effective because its not strong enough. Anyway, this balm is recommended mainly to help promote better sleep bukan utk flu,etc. So, utk guna sapu malam2 on daily basis sesuai la but not for cure anything.

Badger Headache Soother Balm.....Made of Lavender, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Mandarin, Peppermint n contains super concentrated Menthol Crystals. That's the secret n this balm is definitely my fav! In fact, the first tin tak habis lagi i dah restock on 2nd tin. This balm even though the name is for headache but by all means its suitable to be use when ur having flu, headache or when tgh tension or pressure smpi tegang2 urat kat leher tu bolehla sapu balm ni. Its very soothing n kalau nak sapu everynite pun boleh. No harm coz its 100% organic.

Vicks Baby Balsam......I've also tried this....i sapu nitely kat Anas sampai habis jugakla 1 botol. This one is kinda mild tak macam Vicks utk adults tu. The menthol is not so strong. Tapi kalau lepas mandi nak sapu sesuai jugakla. 

21st Century Children's Vapor Balm........definitely my fav!! Thanks to Hana of for recommending this balm to me. This balm is a strawberry medicated ointment which comes with two effects - The Vapor Effect & The Warming Effect. This one the menthol is kind of strong...sesuai sgt nk sapu kat anak yg tgh flu n batuk. Mesti depa tido dgn aman damai, insyaAllah. Bau pun sedap n ada effect vapor n warming yg best tu. Highly recommended to u all mommies out there.

So there u hv reviews of several balms. Hope it is useful yah!:)

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