Friday, May 18, 2012

Bali Bagus!!

Salam all........:)
This humble tenggelam timbul blog of mine really need a 'lil update after so long of excuse me as my spare time in my 24hrs is spend looking after my Ultraman Kenit ;p

So, last April`12, me n my fam went for a short vacay to Bali, Indonesia. We were so excited n it was the 2nd trip for Anas via flight. Lots of drama during pre n post flight but we managed to pull it off...........hai Anas, Mommy wish i can make a video of all ur dramas for you to see when ur grow up, so u can see how 'panjang akal' u r!

Our tour guide during our stay there was Pak Isme along with his colleagues. Semua bagus2 dan baik2 bangat! I loike....sabar melayan we all yg over excited sight seeing Bali....huhu. We stayed at Royal Bali Beach Club @ Sanur. Nice place n i thought we had the best room bcoz it was seriously right in front of d pool............bliss!:)

Complete wif living hall n kitchenette........terbaekkk!

When we arrived it was already near to dinner time, so Pak Isme straight brought us to nasi padang restaurant called Restaurant Sederhana...:)

Our first meal there...they sort of hidang all sorts of lauk in front of u for u to choose. Their Jus Alpukat is simply yummylicious!! Aduh, lapar plak bile tgk gambar ni...huhu

Since my laptop is not co-operating  so well atm, so i just gonna paste random pictures of places that i went....enjoy!!

Us at batik shop there...Anas berdrama cangkung...huh

Beautiful rice terrace at Jatiluwih n there are shop along d road selling gojass handmade items........i bought d blanket behind us for a really worthy price :)

Mesmerizing Kintamani with Batur volcano n lake....syukur for d beautiful weather

At Alam Bali Kopi Luwak..they make all sorts of coffee here.........udara nyaman sambil minum kopi..........layannnn

@ Tanah Lot........

Beautiful waves n sunset........romantic gitu........

Anas n Tok Ma @ HR Bali

@ d famous Kuta Beach

 Preparing to go Uluwatu Temple wif our supir, Pak Ujang

Cantik bangatttt....

Dinner at Jimbaran..........again good food!!

Mommy n Anas sempat swim b4 balik ;)

Final day at hotel entrance....tata Bali, we will sure meet again, Insya Allah!

Overall Bali is a gorgeous place that one should visit. If u appreciate arts n nature, this place is for you!:)


  1. hi fathiha, boleh share contact details supir u tak... i nak g bali... =)

    1. hi dina, u can contact him thru fb...nama nya Pak Isme Tour...die offer gud price.njoy ur vacay!:)