Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marvellous Sambal Bali

I have a superb recipe for you guys to try out this Ramadhan...or even for Hari Raya. I have to give credit to my sis fren, Kak Intan for teaching me how to cook this dish. Those days, she always comes to our house n cook this delicious signature dish of hers.....sinfully sedap Sambal Bali Daging....she said its resipi turun temurun dr Singapore....its so easy,peasy to can even do it while playing with your kids...i swear!! been there,done that!

Here goes, ladies........

1. First things first, perapkan daging dgn bawang,serai,lengkuas,cili kering (all blend together) n kicap manis or pekat (kicap ABC is d best)

This is how it will look like

2. While let the meat to be marinade, you can prepare n fry bawang besar Holland, serai, lengkuas, cili hijau n daun kari. Fry till everything is soft n then put aside.

It smells super wangi when you fry these

3. After that, with using the same oil (maybe you hv to add more oil, depend on the amount of meat), you fry the marinated meat. Reneh atas api yg sederhana. When it looks like its dry a little, then you add in some air asam jawa n honey.

Add some of this...

And this...

Madu i bought fr CEO driver........heee...TQ Abg Mat Nor...sedap madu ni:)

4. Stir everything together, then you add in back all the bawang,serai,lengkuas,cili hijau n daun kari that you hv fried earlier. Stir and let everything blend together.......masak sikit lagi...then, SIAP!!

Sambal Bali Daging yg dh siap.......makan dgn nasi panas.........super sedapp!!trust me

So you see.....its simply easy to do...just 4 steps.......try it! Mesti Encik Suami suke n happy:)

Selamat Berpuasa!!:)

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