Monday, December 6, 2010


Title entry macam nak pegi bercuti but actually Anas last weekend getaway was admitted to Pantai Hosp KL. Mommy's lil prince kena high fever :(
Kronologi kejadian as shown below :

Day 1, Saturday, 4/12/2010

Arrived at Pantai Hosp KL around 3.30pm, Saturday. Went to the emergency room and get treated by doc on duty. Her name is Dr. Syazni. Very nice doc. Remind us of Grey Anatomy coz she's so cool dressed in jeans n heels :) Pic shows Mommy trying to soothe Anas. His temp was 39.3degrees during admission. Terus bagi ubat kat bon-bon coz doc kata kalau panas sgt boleh jadi sawan you.....ooohhh,no!!

Aktiviti di hari pertama :

Checked in at ward C533. Attended by Dr. Kamaruddin. Sgt baik..............layan Anas mcm cucu dia je....hehe. Checkout Anas hosp crib. Mlm2 Mommy temankan Anas tido dlm crib. Cant believe i fit in it!;p

Boring duk dlm bilik hosp, keluar main kat Playroom yg sgt warna-warni. Very d meriah. Mommy loike!:)

Day 2, Sunday, 5/12/2010

Anas temp on the second day was 39.8degrees. Higher during admission. Very alarming. Doc kata its coz viral fever. Temp naik-turun..........

But being Anas.............demam tak demam, still aktif as ever. Siap berkenalan dgn kawan baru lagi. Sian member tu kena air panas, melecur tangan. scary!

Day 3, Monday, 6/12/2010

Alhamdulillah.................Anas finally fully recovered :) Next to d med given by doc, its thanx to Mommy's milk too! :) Thank you to Daddy, Tok Ma, Opah, doc n nurses who attended he's back, people!! :) 

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